I’m about to show you a bass chord so powerful it’s called the Power Chord. And good news – it only has two notes in it and it’s super easy to play. Let’s rock.

The “power chord” shape has a few slight variations, (which we won’t worry about in this lesson) but this simple two note version works great on bass. And once you know this shape, you can move it around anywhere on the neck to create your own riffs and chord progressions.

Try using the jam tracks at the slower tempos until you get the hang of it.

Jam Tracks for Power Chords Lesson

Use Your Pinky

Like I say in the video, I really recommend that you get used to playing this chord with your left index and pinky finger. If you’re new to the instrument it might be tempting to ignore your pinky finger, but there is a huge payoff if you stick with it and make it as strong as your other fingers.

There are contexts where you could play the power chord with index and ring, or even middle and pinky, but for general use index-pinky is the way to go.

If you’re feeling good with your all-downward-stroke strumming, you can try mixing it up with some upstrokes and explore different strumming patterns. It’s good coordination exercise for your right hand, and you might even come up with a cool song idea.

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