Need to get your blues fix in a hurry? Here’s a pattern that’s so damn versatile you can use it on almost any blues. It’s totally doable for beginners, there’s no music theory knowledge required, let’s do it.

This pattern will work on a lot of different blues feels, whether straight or shuffle, because we’re just playing quarter notes. It also works on major or minor equally well since there’s no 3rd. But again, you don’t need to understand the theory to get it under your fingers.

To use this pattern on your own in the future, all you need to do is find a starting note on the A, D, or G string, and then play the same shape around that note that we played around E, A, and B in this lesson. Instant blues in a can. And here are the full backing tracks for you to jam along with…

Jam Tracks for Easy Blues Groove Lesson

Left Hand Fingering Tip

If your eyes are really sharp, you might have noticed that I changed my left hand fingering slightly on and off throughout the full speed play along. I told you to stick with the same pinky-ring-index-pinky pattern over and over in the video for simplicity, but if you want to do what I’m doing there you can play with ending on a different finger to make smoother transitions to the next chord (i.e. ending the E pattern on your ring finger when you’re about to move to the A pattern).

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