We’re looking for a full-time kickass video editor with motion graphics skills for our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BassBuzz/videos Here’s a pretty screen shot cuz, why not:

We need an editor who gets how to edit for YouTube, a relatively modern style of editing to keep eyeballs on screens. Here’s an example video to give you an idea:

The Nitty Gritty.

We’re looking for someone to become part of our team full-time. The general gist of the job is Josh, our resident bass pro and current editor, will provide you with rough cut projects, which you’ll import into your editing software (FCP/Premiere/Resolve all okay). You’ll take it from there, adding your editing magic – tightening the rough cut for flow, animating the lessons graphics, adding general VFX/SFX, transitions etc.

Initially, we’re looking for someone who can match the brand standards and style we’ve set. Once you’re settled in with nailing that, then we’re looking to tap into your creativity and genius to level-up our editing a level or two further.

Having some musical knowledge would help for timing graphics with beats of music etc. but, if you’re smart, that isn’t critical. It’s not too hard to understand once explained.

What You’ll Get

Long-term, we’re looking for someone to become part of our team, not just a freelancer we fling work at. Meaning, if you genuinely kickass at what you do, we’ll go out of our way to look after you.

  • Salary negotiable dependent on skills, experience and how cool you are 😉
  • Fully flexible working hours.
  • Ability to do all your work in your pyjamas (remote role).
  • Get your work seen by millions of people.

If this sounds like the role is a good fit for you please fill in this application form, which includes details for an editing test job of a 12 second clip: https://form.typeform.com/to/t0eG7t7L (feel free to watermark your video).

Thanks for looking,

Josh and Chris 🙂